Save greenbelt campaigners to protest at drop in session

Save Royton’s Greenbelt are holding a “peaceful demonstration against Oldham Council and GMCA revised proposals for the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework on Thursday, February 7.

Oldham Council has organised a ‘drop-In” session to highlight the revised plans to build hundreds of executive houses on Hanging Chadder Thornham Old Road greenbelt land.

The session is scheduled for between 4pm and 7.45pm at Thornham St James Primary School.

It is an opportunity for concerned residents to look at more detailed plans and speak with council officers about the proposals.

The group states: “We intend demonstrating at this event, against any proposals for Oldham Council to release any of OUR greenbelt to greedy developers to build on.

“We aim to gather in large numbers, in the school grounds from 5.45pm to peacefully demonstrate against these ludicrous proposals.

“We are expecting a minimum of 200 peaceful protestors to be there, displaying banners and distributing leaflets promoting our “Save Royton’s Greenbelt” Community group.”

The proposals include the building of 260 houses on Greenbelt land at Hanging Chadder, Thornham, between Grasmere Road, Fir Lane, Garden Terrace and Rochdale Road and 600 houses at Thornham Old Road. A further 460 houses are proposed at Cowlishaw, High Crompton and 480 more at Heyside and in the Beal Valley. There are also 250,000m2 of commercial buildings and 900 more houses proposed on Greenbelt land at the other side of Tandle Hills at Stakehill.

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