Scholes son found guilty of Uppermill assault

THE SON of Manchester United legend Paul Scholes faces a fine or community penalty after punching a former friend.

Arron Scholes outside court where was found guilty to assault.

Arron Scholes landed blows on ex-school pal Robert Kemper after a confrontation in a pub and claims he was branded a ‘pussy.’

He lashed out at his victim, who he fell out with after his 18th birthday party, causing facial injuries.

He then reached for his mobile phone and a court was told he ‘jumped up and down’ and ‘laughed hysterically.’

Scholes Snr, who quit as manager of Oldham Athletic after just 31 days last week, was in court with wife Claire and witnessed CCTV footage several times.

Tameside Magistrates Court heard the 19-year-old had been drinking in Uppermill on June 18 when he bumped into Kemper after watching England defeat Tunisia in the World Cup.

After moving from the Hare and Hounds, both groups moved on to the nearby Granby Arms where his victim already was.

Footage then shows Scholes pushing Kemper on to a pub table outside and punching him before being ushered away and reaching for his mobile phone.

Landlady Debbie Hardy told the court she saw Scholes speak to someone before dashing out and finding him laying blows.

Scholes, of Grasscroft, never denied punching the 21-year-old but claimed self-defence when pleading not guilty to a charge of assault by beating.

Defence barrister Lisa Roberts QC said Kember had left Scholes feeling threatened after asking him several times to ‘go outside’ after seeing him for the first time since July 2017 and the court was told the victim repeatedly called him a ‘pussy.’

However, Judge Samuel Goozee ignored that claim and found him guilty.

He told him: “What is not disputed is that you’d both been drinking that evening but the only person who says Robert Kemper was abusive and threatening is yourself.

“My assessment shows you were in control, you had to be held back.

Granby Arms, Uppermill

“At the Granby Arms, I find that an insulting comment was made by Robert Kemper but it couldn’t be ascertained exactly who that comment was aimed at.

“You approached Robert Kemper and there’s no evidence of any threatening behaviour.

“You struck out with force and punched Robert Kemper once in the vestibule, pushed him out on to a table and punched him again.

“Your actions went beyond the realm of self-defence and I find the charge proved.”

Scholes, a first year sports marketing and management student at Manchester Metropolitan University, told police he had ‘smacked’ his victim two or three times because he felt intimidated as he was older and bigger.

And he said in evidence: “It was the first time I’d seen since my 18th and I hadn’t really spoken to him after that Until then we were quite close friends.

“I heard him shouting things but I wasn’t sure whether it was to me but it became obvious it was when he came over to where I was sat down.

Arron Scholes outside court with his family including his dad Paul Scholes and wife.

“I went to watch the England game with friends and Robert was shouting at me to come outside. He shouted abuse at me, I felt threatened and he got more aggressive as the night went on.

“He wanted to go outside to fight, he could’ve spoken to me inside the pub.”

On being seen on his phone, Scholes added: “People do strange things when they are stressed. I think I was checking to see if I had any marks after a scuffle.”

Scholes Jr, who plays football for Royton Town, will be sentenced at Manchester Magistrates Court on Friday, March 29.

But he was warned by Judge Goozee that he favours a community penalty rather than a fine.

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