Service with a smile and a computer at S&P Lomas

SPENDING thousands of pounds on new or used cars can be daunting and that’s before the looming spectre of service costs.

S & P Lomas bodywork

Keeping your four-wheeled pride and joy on the road and minimising depreciation values can be challenging.
However, there’s always help at hand if you know where to look.
And thousands of Oldhamers have found the right place at the right price for more than half a century.
Steve and Pete Lomas are carrying on a proud family business just a car transporter length away from where it all began for their late dad, Stuart, in Greenacres.
Owners may change their cars every three or four years – but they rarely change their mechanics once they’ve visited S & P Lomas Ltd on Dunkerley Street.
The introduction of new regulations has allowed independent garages to service top of the range cars at lower than main dealership prices.
No longer is it a requirement to return your BMW or Mercedes, Audi or Land Rover to its place of purchase when it’s time for a service, especially to protect a warranty.
“The days of cars having a book stamped after a service is coming to an end,” explained co-proprietor Pete.
“Service books now are digital. Mercedes use DSB (digital service book) and BMW have followed suit with OSH (online service history)
“Lots of people with a Mercedes or BMW worry their warranties might be effected.
“With Mercedes and BMW we simply go online and register the car as being serviced by us, therefore keeping records up-to-date.
“But there’s a lot of work goes into it as they don’t make it easy. They don’t want everyone registered so they make it difficult.
“Lots say they can service but they aren’t registered. We will provide a necessary print-out as proof it’s been done.”
A member of the Royal Automobile Club and Motor Ombudsman – the UK government-backed, self-regulatory body for the motor industry – S & P Lomas have regularly kept pace with changing technology.
So, they offer online diagnostic testing to ensure modules and computer programmes are up-to-date. Staff are regularly sent on training courses to update their knowledge.
Pete, brother Steve and three other full-time staff ensure cars are maintained in tip top shape. MOTs and body repair work are also done on site.
And there’s a promise from Pete to customers old and new.
“We won’t tell them there’s a fault where one doesn’t exist,” he said.
“Our reception isn’t quite as fancy as the main dealers,” he chuckled. “But everything else is as good, if not better.”
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