Shaw set to get new petrol station after successful appeal

Shaw is to get a new petrol station after a successful appeal.

Planning permission has now been granted for the filling station at Asda Supermarket, Greenfield Lane in accordance with the terms of the application.

The controversial scheme was originally rejected by Oldham Council in September 2017 before an appeal and final consultation last year, and a decision on January 17, 2019.

Shaw ward Cllr Chris Gloster said: “The communities of Shaw and Crompton were always divided on this application.

“Some welcomed the likelihood of cheaper fuel, others recognised the detrimental effect to the neighbours and road system as well as increased congestion at peak times.

“Shaw ward councillors are disappointed at the outcome of the appeal but are pleased the inspector has retained and increased the planning conditions imposed upon Asda before the development can begin.”

Read the appeal decision in full via Cllr Howard Sykes’s website:

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