Signed off New-look boundary markers put Parish on the map

WHAT was once red and white all over but has now undergone a black and gold colour transformation?

As our photographs show, they are the distinctive road signs marking the Shaw and Crompton Parish boundary.

Several received national exposure during the Tour of Britain’s arrival on Saturday, September 14.

Work repairing the signs was undertaken by Dave Marsh, proprietor of Kenmow Bespoke Metal Fabrication on Beal Lane.

All but one of the seven signs have been returned to their original locations.

The seventh – Cowlishaw – was awaiting a new spot as the Correspondent went to press.

Erected in 1990, three years after the Parish Council was formed, many of the signs had fallen victim to time and the weather.

Former councillor, Brian Karran raised concerns about the state of disrepair last October despite efforts of another ex-councillor, Shaun Duffy, to give some a lick of paint.

“The rust is getting longer and deeper,” said Mr Karran. “It must be two or more years since someone told me they were going to be refurbished. I think two have been painted.

“But It’s not very welcoming. They look a mess. I am sure I am not the only one who drives past them and thinks ‘Where have I come?’

“They are cast iron and in a right state now.”

The location of the signs are:
• Grains Bar – top of Buckstones Road
• Jubilee – Shaw Road
• Shaw Edge – Oldham Road, Heyside
• Low Crompton – bottom of Fir Lane
• High Crompton – Thornham Road, opposite Puckersley Inn
• High Crompton – Rochdale Road, on way to Fairview Inn
• Cowlishaw – new location being finalised.

Tony Hilton, the Parish Council clerk, said: “When agreeing to the restoration work last year, it was confirmed the Parish Council ‘brand’ colours for street furniture is a black background, gold lettering and red logo.

“You will see the same colour scheme on litter bins in and around Shaw.”

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