Skin specialist Hayley is laser guided to success

SHAW mum Hayley Smith aims to make it third time lucky after twice finishing as runner-up in the Oldham Business Awards.

But Hayley, 30, is even keener to spread the message that personal set-back doesn’t have to put the brake on ambitions and dreams.

In November, her Simply Skin Oldham Aesthetics business will celebrate its second birthday.

Hayley, who has also lived in Royton, admits it has been an eventful journey so far, even started by heartbreak.

“I always wanted to set up my own business,” said Hayley who previously worked in a Manchester skin clinic for eight years.

“I knew I was a good practitioner and I always felt the client’s journey wasn’t how it should be.

“When you are dealing with sensitive issues like acne and acne scarring, it’s very personal and takes a lot of courage to even ask for help in the first place.”

The death of her mum Sally proved a tipping point for Hayley.

“My mum’s passing drove me to it,” she explained to the Correspondent. “I knew I had nothing to lose.

“Initially, I took some time off work because I was in so much pain.

“While I was off I started researching how I might start up on my own and took little bits of knowledge from here and there.

“Eventually, I went back to work part-time because I had my little boy to support.
“But I thrived and took all the positives I could.

“However, if my mum’s death hadn’t happened, I am sure I wouldn’t be doing this now. I know she would be immensely proud of me.”

Hayley opened for business in November 2016 and last year finished second in the OBA ‘New Start-Up’ business category.

In May, she just missed the title of ‘Young Entrepreneur’ that again went to Eric Bishyika.

“It is still early days but I do see a future in it,” added Hayley whose treatments include laser hair removal, chemical peels, skin needling and broken vein removals.

“I started from scratch, didn’t bring any staff with me and didn’t have a client base.

“It has been a roller-coaster, especially juggling being a mum because my little boy will always come first.

“Slowly but surely though I am getting there and progressing.

“I also have some really lovely clients who keep me going.

“The plan, hopefully, is to buy my own place… and to win one of those awards!”

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