‘Taking up the reins’- GMP looking for four-legged crime fighters

GMP is looking for the latest four-legged crime fighting recruits to help patrol the region’s streets.

The Mounted Unit is on the hunt for trusted steeds to become a regular sight across Greater Manchester.

Horses need to be between 16.2hh and 17.2hh, aged six to 13 years and be of substantial build.

They should currently be in work, fit and sound, be able to hack on the roads alone and in company and jump a small course of fences.

They must also be good to shoe and load and enjoy plenty of attention.

If you have a horse that meets the criteria and you may be able to loan or consider selling to GMP contact the GMP Mounted Unit at GMP.MountedUnit@gmp.police.uk

Please provide your contact details and information about your horse including some photographs.

Horses will be required to come to the unit for a four to six week trial period before they would be accepted to be part of the GMP team.

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