Thaw enforcement – gritting lorries primed and ready for action

FROM Winston Chur-chill to Nicole Saltslinger, Oldham’s fleet of gritting lorries are poised for action at the first sign of heavy snowfall.

Thousands of miles of adopted highway, including many Saddleworth roads, were gritted last winter by the likes of Brad Grit, Nick Gritshaw, Basil Salty, Gritiana Grande, Snowbee One-Kenobi and Leonardo de-ice-io.

And the council is again committed to keeping the primary highway network free of ice and snow.

Resources are initially directed to gritting seven priority routes, including the trans Pennine roads and most of the principal, classified and major bus routes.

Workers have also been out filling the 596 grit bins which are dotted around the borough so residents can make sure their paths – and those of their neighbours – are free from dangerous conditions.

Helen Lockwood, Deputy Chief Executive of Oldham Council, said: “We are doing as much as we can with the resources available to us, but everyone can help out in their own way.

“Help out your neighbour, especially if they’re vulnerable. Why not grit their path or knock on to see if they are okay and ask if they fancy a brew?

“Keep up to date with what is going on via our website and social media and also keep your eye on local road and weather reports, so you don’t get caught out.

“We have stockpiled more than adequate supplies of road-gritting salt and we will be adding to them over the coming months.”

To keep residents fully informed of any developments the Oldham Council website –– will be updated continually and feature the latest news on school closures, gritting routes and locations of grit bins.

School and road closures will appear on the council website and via our social media channels @oldhamcouncil on Twitter and I Love Oldham on Facebook.

Schools also have a text messaging system to inform parents if they are closing for the day.

If you require further information about gritting ring 0161 770 4421 or email

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