The countdown is on… the countdown to PROM!

AFTER its huge success in 2010, Oldham Theatre Workshop is reviving its teenage take on the Cinderella story.

This is an energy-infused piece of musical theatre, performed by some of the most talented young
actors, singers and musicians.

PROM! is an upbeat, modern rendition of a traditional fairytale, set in two schools in two parallel worlds –the magical school for Fairy Godmothers (Defixus) and the real-world school (Delawick).

Both are under serious threat of closure. Students in both worlds are heading towards graduation and Prom night.

And these two worlds are about to come together in an explosion of magic and music.

If you love the cheery energy of High School Musical, the magical essence of Harry Potter, and the irresistible joy of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, then you’ll love PROM!

Suitable for everyone (recommended age 7+) PROM! The Musical will be performed by some of Oldham Theatre Workshop’s finest young performers, and follows in the success of previous acclaimed musicals: 2017’s MTA-nominated ‘Tis Written In The Stars, and the previous staging of Prom! with its stellar cast back in 2010.

PROM! CAST with notable credits
Georgia Conlan – Closets the Musical (Hope Mill Theatre)
Noah Valentine – The Bay (ITV)
Millie Gibson – Butterfly (ITV), Jamie Johnson (CBBC), Coronation Street (ITV)
Nathan Horrocks – Coronation Street (ITV)
Sophie Ellicott – Coronation Street (ITV), Closets the Musical (Hope Mill Theatre)
Romina Thornton – Choreographer (who will be working with Matthew Bourne at Dance United Yorkshire)

The original show saw a plethora of inspiring young performers who have since gone on to the big screen.

Olivia Cooke, who has recently taken the limelight in Vanity Fair and Ready Player One, Caitlin O’Ryan in Outlander, and Sam Glen in Coronation Street.

Others have embarked upon great stage opportunities: Norah Lopez (The Almighty Sometimes, Royal Exchange), Emily Stott (A Comedy about a Bank Robbery, West End) and Mark Newsome (Blackpool, What A Sh*t Place
to Die).

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