They came from a Land Down Under

ROYTON and Crompton School was the only stopping off point in the North of England during a national tour by a group of budding actors from Australia.

The Midnite Youth Theatre Company was so impressed by their welcome they have asked to return in 2020.

The group of youngsters from Christ Church Grammar School, Perth, Western Australia were welcomed by KS4 drama pupils on Thursday, January 11.

In return the Aussie teenagers gave a performance of their production the Lab Rats, much to the amazement of their hosts.

Following the performance, the two sets of pupils got together to discuss all aspects of drama, proving an enriching experience for both groups.

A spokesperson for the school said: “We heard superb questions about life ‘Down Under’, the type of facilities we have in Australia and questions about studying drama.

“It was a wonderful day for everyone involved, and the school have asked to come back in 2020 for another visit.

“Christ Church Grammar School tour manager has emailed to thank pupils for being such a wonderful audience.

“They also commented how welcome they felt visiting and that Royton and Crompton pupils were a credit to themselves, the school, and the local community.”

The Midnite Youth Theatre Company also visited schools in Glasgow, Warwick, Bath, and London before returning home to prepare for the Lab Rats’ Australian premiere in February.


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