Three down, two more to go

TWO final vacancies remain to be filled after three new councillors were co-opted at the June meeting of Shaw and District Parish Council.

Both are in the Crompton North ward and will be discussed at an extraordinary meeting of the council on Tuesday, June 25 at 6.30pm.

Two of the three newcomers, taking the council to 12, have not previously served while the third, Hazel Gloster, is already a Shaw representative on Oldham Borough Council.

Hazel Gloster (West ward)
Previously a Liberal Democrat Parish Councillor for Shaw from 2008-12 during which time she served as chair.

“The Parish Council is an integral part of our community and in particular I welcome the new younger members,” she said.

“I stood for co-option as due to the influx of new councillors – which is welcomed – there is still a need for experience to balance the council and move it forwards.”

Will Mowbray (East ward)
Will is a lifelong Shaw resident and lives with his parents who are active members of the community.

Will’s mum Victoria is well known for her many years at the Shaw branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland, where she was recognised nationally for helping the Shaw community.

His dad Dave is a well-known award-winning stonemason who has done lots of outstanding work to keep the unique character of Shaw alive.

Will said: “I’ve stood as a Liberal Democrat councillor for a few reasons; the main ones being to continue the good work Liberal Democrats do for the community, to give something to the community in a similar way to the example set by my parents, and to represent younger people on the council.”

Zoe Rowlinson (North ward)
“I moved to High Crompton in 2009 and married my husband Colin Rowlinson in 2010. We have been together for 24 years and have two boys aged 21 and 25 months.

“Together we’ve been foster carers since 2017 and have looked after many children from birth to 18 years.

“I come from a strong fostering background. My parents have fostered for more than 30 years and moved to High Crompton in 2017.

“As I come from such a caring background, I feel compelled to help the community and I value all the hard work the Liberal Democrats have put in.

“I have stood as a councillor to offer my support wherever I can. I am eager to work with and for the community.”


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