Three keys to losing weight just ask determined Jane

WHAT Jane Mayall doesn’t know about weight watching could be written up in a very slim volume.

Earlier this year Newhey based Jane, 58, celebrated 15 years as a Weight Watchers coach.

Jane Mayall, Weight Watchers coach

Such is her dedication to the cause she marked her award by buying a smart watch to track her daily step count.

Weekly, Jane, who is landlady at the Bird in Hand (top Bird) on Huddersfield Road, runs seven meetings from High Crompton to Rochdale, Milnrow to Manchester.

More than 200 people follow her advice while numbers helped over her 15 years of guidance run into thousands.

“My job is to motivate and inspire our members to achieve their goals,” says Jane, a Weight Watchers gold member for 16 years.

“Some need a bit more coaching than others because life throws different challenges at us.

“Once you have lost your weight it is important to make sure you don’t go back to old habits and put weight back on.

“Everyone as their own challenges, I like a glass of wine, others members don’t drink but like chocolate a bit more than I do.

“There is always something to distract you from weight loss so it is my job to keep it at the forefront of your mind.”

And Jane is quick to stress that shedding pounds doesn’t have to be a penance.

“The plan we have at the moment is amazing. It gets fantastic results.

“We can eat any food we want; nothing is forbidden. You don’t have to put your life on hold to lose weight.

“Our three pillars of Weight Watchers are food, mindset and activity.

“You do change people’s lives,” adds Jane. “And any age can get involved.

“We have plenty of men who come to our groups, young mums, working mums, grandmas,, granddads. You name it.

“If anyone asks me I just want everyone to be healthy and it is easy enough to achieve.”

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