Tram attacks getting worse but ‘worried’ passengers will use Metrolink – for now

A REGULAR Metrolink user says anti-social behaviour and attacks on trams along the Manchester to Rochdale line is “getting worse and worse”.


Anti-Social behaviour has blighted some metrolink services

And the female NHS worker admits she is now “worried” at the prospect of using the tram.

But other passengers told the Correspondent they won’t be put off using Metrolink.

However, Jennifer, who asked us not to use her surname, said: “There is a lot of concern.

“I use the trams to and from work regularly and work all sort of shifts. Sometimes, I don’t finish until 9.30pm at night and then have to come through all the hot spots.

“The last two years it has been bad. And it is getting worse and worse.

“It is an important issue and it affects me every day coming home from work so I am worried.

“I have been on a tram when these kids have put every window through, pelting stones.

“I have noticed an increase in the PCSOs on trams and also Metrolink’s own people (Travelsafe officers).

“Yet, only the other day, there was a group blocking the doors at one of the Oldham stops.

“They could see these officers but still stood in the doorway until the driver shouted over the tannoy.

“The only thing I think they can do is when they do get who is responsible that they come down on them hard. The message clearly isn’t getting out there.

“I don’t do the buses simply because the tram is cheaper and faster.

“I have thought about getting the bus again but I am probably just at much risk.

“The only solutions is more security on every tram because you will have a few on one service then none on another. It is hit and miss.

“And they have to make an example of the culprits when they catch them.”

James, a store worker, said: “I live in Chadderton and get the tram to Shaw as I work as Asda.

“I guess some people might be worried but for me it’s the quickest way to work and I am okay.”

Sammy, originally from the Isle of Wight, admitted: “I have not heard anything about these incidents and besides I don’t travel at night.

“I have never seen any trouble and I have used the tram for ages.

“I usually go down to Manchester and it’s much quicker than the bus.

“The only thing I saw once was a couple of lads getting chucked off because they hadn’t paid their fare.”

James, a pensioner, is a big advocate of the Metrolink system and told the Correspondent: “It is the finest thing that has happened. It has changed my life around.

“It doesn’t bother me at all. I travel all over the place.

“Before I was getting the bus and only going to one place. Now I am go any place I want. It is fantastic.

“I haven’t seen any trouble. But what gets me is you see people without tickets, they get chucked off and they are just allowed to walk away.”

Husband and wife, Mike and Heather, were catching the tram at Shaw into Rochdale.

Heather said: “I went to Manchester and I noticed a lot of police getting on in Oldham.

“But then when the trouble calms down you don’t see them and it flares up again. They need a bigger presence more of the time.”

Mike added: “They have got CCTV. Why aren’t they using it? Surely they record it?”

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