True Gritt: Jarrod and Sophie shine for Runners in Lakes

By Elliot Stone

THE last race of the Royton Road Runners’ championship took place in Keswick. 

The annual trip for the Derwent Water 10 miler provided the final obstacle to another successful year for RRR.

Sophie Wood

Just under 50 club members travelled for arguably the most picturesque race of the championship. And the weather supplied the perfect backdrop to the event.

It was a full race that meant the competition was tough, with plenty of well-represented local teams taking part.

Sophie Wood continued her rapidly increasing rise by claiming second female overall in a time of 1:04:28. Equally impressive was June Alligan’s first prize in the FV70 section.

In the men’s section, Jarrod Gritt (1:01:10), was the first Royton athlete past the post, proving dedicated training pays off in the end.

Shane Reading bagged the MV40 award in a new personal best of 1:01:55. He also continued his admirable consecutive streak for the club, extending it to 81 races.

Five members managed to complete all 16 races this year: Mick Wildbore, Lee Higginbottom, Paul Cooke, Shane Reading and Elliot Stone.

It is a tough challenge to complete all the races so high praise is due for all the long hours put in for this accomplishment.

To complete all the races meant running 123.7 miles over the year.

Finally, the club welcomed three new members to its ranks: Garry Bower, Dave McBride and Lee Higginbottom.

Congratulations and wear your reward of a gold-embossed polo shirt with pride.

All RRR finishers and times:

Jarrod Gritt 1:01:10, Shane Reading 1:01:55, Paul Bannister 1:03:13, Chris Lowe 1:04:17, Sophie Wood 1:04:28, Dave Peart 1:05:37, Michael Fleming 1:06:18, Owen Flage 1:07:36, Robert Fairbanks 1:07:52, Neil Brock 1:08:17, Michael Wildbore 1:08:28, Bernard Goodwin 1:08:49, Elliot Stone 1:09:29, Carl O’Callaghan 1:09:56, David McBride 1:11:15, Ian Dale 1:13:30, Robert Kellett 1:14:37, Bryan Lawton 1:15:29, Stewart Jones 1:16:23, Jason Keast 1:18:36, Rochelle Evans 1:19:52.

Robert Nixon 1:21:24, Vikki Smith 1:23:10, Paul Cooke 1:23:32, Helen Radcliffe 1:24:16, Valerie Kilburn 1:24:17, George Meynell 1:24:47, Gary Smith 1:24:58, Mark Heaney 1:26:03, Anthony Kane 1:27:59, Diane Allingan 1:28:32, Lisa Cummins 1:29:29, Stephen Davies 1:31:02.

Susan Heaney 1:31:54, Lee Higginbottom 1:32:19, Michael Harrison 1:32:19, Gail Shaw 1:32:49, Jillian Hickson 1:35:45, Jillian Heywood 1:36:09, Martina Naismith 1:39:04, Simon Howard 1:39:05, Stephen Jones 1:46:40, Bernadette Ball 1:48:40, Garry Bower 1:49:21, Sharon Dracup 1:58:41, June Allingan 2:01:43, Claire Timms 2:07:16.


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