Victoria cross! Metrolink to get direct link to Piccadilly?

Transport for Greater Manchester chief, Dr Jon Lamonte, says consideration is being given to a direct Metrolink service between Oldham and Piccadilly.

And in the face of more criticism of January’s price increases, Dr Lamonte, insists: “Fares continue to offer good value for money.”

The metrolink at Shaw

His views come in a reply to a letter from Crompton councillor, Diane Williamson, on the subject of fare hikes and the likelihood of a service without requirement to change at Victoria.

Dr Lamonte said: “We have been working with the Metrolink operator to model different service patterns which would provide this link.

“The conclusions of this work are due to be presented to the GMCA in the near future and for a decision to be made.”

Defending the price rises Dr Lamonte told Cllr Williamson: “I am sorry to hear your residents are concerned by the forthcoming price increase as of January 2018.

“Having held fares for three years we now need to return them to the level they need to be at to ensure Metrolink can continue to operate on a financially sustainable basis.

“Metrolink fares continue to offer good value for money, particularly for season ticket holders as well as providing an environmentally friendly way of getting around.

“To keep up with inflation, fares would normally have been expected to increase each year.

“That’s why, as well as returning to an annual fare increase of one per cent above inflation starting in January 2018, we now need to apply a one-off rise.”

Do you believe Metrolink fares offer value for money? Let us have your views. Email: or write to Trevor Baxter at Shaw and Crompton Correspondent, Units 3-4, 45 High Street, Uppermill, OL3 6HS.

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