What a result! Superstar Sergio spotted in Royton

CUSTOMERS at a Royton restaurant did a double take when a fellow diner sat down to join them.

Enjoying a bite to eat on his way to a pre-Christmas haircut was none other than Manchester City’s Argentina striker, Sergio Aguero.

Not that the Blues’ favourite tried to disguise his identity when he visited Mazzo restaurant on Radcliffe Street in Royton.

Wearing a City hoodie and tracksuit bottoms, and happy to pose for photos, the 30-year-old Premier League footballer seemed to enjoy his surprise visit to the popular Italian restaurant.

“I am a United fan but we were happy to see Sergio,” laughed owner Bislim Hoxha whose clientele include Oldham manager, Frankie Bunn and former Old Trafford favourites, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville.

“I was surprised and thought it was a joke when I heard Sergio was coming.

“But he was going to have his haircut in the area and the barber recommended us  to him.”

Aguero, 30, who played in City’s EFL Cup quarter-final win at Leicester on Tuesday, is thought to have ordered pasta with a couple of soft drinks to accompany his meal.

News of Aguero’s visit resulted in numerous postings on social media. Amanda Cawdron posted:

“Royton on the celebrity map’ while Lorraine Bowler added: “Just a few hours too late as we were there last night but at least Frankie Bunn was there.”

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  1. I was in Mazzo last night, Sergio mate rang up out of the blue, mourinho was already to busy


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