World War One remembered by Royton and Crompton pupils in school lessons

HISTORY was poignantly brought to life for 240 Royton and Crompton pupils in the lead up to Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday.

From buttons to bayonets, letters to uniforms, the Year 8 group were able to view, hold and wear a collection of World War One artefacts.

“Every object had a story behind it and the children got so much out of the event,” said a school spokesperson.

“They are studying World War One history as well so this was an invaluable experience.”

The enormous collection of memorabilia belonged to Nottingham-based former teacher Jason King, who organises interactive workshops for primary and secondary schools throughout the country.

“It is a museum-sized collection from rifles, guns and uniforms down to small ephemara,” explained Jason.

“But the great thing about doing these school events, rather than the collection being on display at a museum, is 50 kids get an opportunity to handle items all at the same time.

“It’s a high risk strategy but it means more youngsters are engaged so you cut down the risk of boredom.”



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