Worries remain in place after plan details increased homes allocation

OLDHAM West and Royton MP Jim McMahon says he remains ‘concerned’ about greenbelt land grab in his constituency.

Save Shaw’s Greenbelt walk up Tandle Hill

Oldham Council’s former leader details an increase of 457 homes on greenbelt or protected sites from proposals submitted in the original GMSF plan.

Mr McMahon says: “Many of my original concerns remain and I’ll make a submission to the consultation.

“As the plan prepares the foundation for development to 2037 it is vital it is done right and that it meets the ambition for residents in Greater Manchester.”

Commenting on site proposals Mr McMahon started with:

Northern Gateway 2

• 2016 – 500 units / 2019 – 854 units

He said: “Employment land will be concentrated as an extension to Stake Hill industrial estate with the M627 motorway acting as a buffer.

“This is a welcomed change from the original proposal which straddled the motorway with development towards Tandle Hill and south towards North Chadderton.

“The greenbelt land from the M627 to Tandle Hill will remain with the exception of a section around Thornham Old Road moving to Rochdale Road and Tandle Hill Road.

“I cannot see how those objecting to the original proposal will be happy with these changes which remove greenbelt, increases the number of homes planned and moves development closer to existing properties.”

Beal Valley and Broadbent Moss

• 2016 – 900 units / 2019 – 531 units • 2016 – 1,000 units / 2019 – 1,420 units

“This represents a significant development which increases overall housing numbers by 51 homes to 1,951.

“The inclusion of a new Metrolink station will be welcomed but this cannot be seen to compensate the loss of such a large section of the greenbelt.

“It is disappointing an effort has not been made to keep the view from Bullcote Park across the valley clear.

“It is also disappointing that existing low quality industrial land is not identified for redevelopment to residential.”

Hanging Chadder

• 2016 – 600 units / 2019 – 274 units

“Of 23 hectares around eight hectares are assessed to be developable, with the remainder removed as greenbelt but with some protection as green infrastructure.

“It is clear some effort has been made to reduce the impact of the development, and to provide a green buffer though much of this reflects physical limitations of the site reducing what can be developed.

“Residents immediately effected will remained concerned about the loss of open space.”


“The bulk of the development proposed sits outside the constituency but it has been raised by constituents previously.

The proposal in 2016 significantly increased the site allocation and although some work has been done to reduce units proposed from 640 to 460 this is primarily a result of a more detailed assessment of what is possible with the limitations of the site.”

Mr McMahon added: “I remain concerned about the targets central government have placed on Greater Manchester.

“One area which should be looked at more is the need for urban renewal to address the poor standard of housing in Oldham town.

“With many home-ownership is an important option, and some social housing is planned, but the fact remains that for many the only housing choice they have is low quality, but more expensive, privately rented accommodation in areas with high tenancy turnover and poor environmental standards.”

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