60 not out: Mason Jack is “cornerstone” of the Lodge of United Companions

NEARLY 60 freemasons from four different provinces gathered at Shaw Masonic Hall, Kershaw Street, earlier this month to mark Jack Stant’s 60 years as a member of the Lodge of United Companions.

The Lodge was founded in 1948 and Jack was initiated into his father’s lodge on March 19, 1959.

Worshipful Brother John Farrington, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, represented the Provincial Grand Master at the celebrations.

“I don’t think anyone will disagree when I say Jack is the cornerstone of this lodge,” said WBro John.

“He is always prepared to stand in for any office at short notice and supports and encourages everyone in his usual quiet manner.”

Jack was born in Bury in 1933 but moved to Stretford when he was 18 months old.

At the age of 15 he left school and joined a local builders, William Thorpe, as an apprentice joiner.

Jack went on to have a successful career in the building trade and became director of a large building company in Warrington.

Jack and wife Maureen were married in March 1956 and celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary in 2016. They have a son Mark, daughter-in-law Helen and three grandchildren.

Another of Jack’s passions is model railways and he has built a large layout in the huge L shaped loft of the couple’s bungalow with multiple tracks, stations, goods yards and everything from goods trains to Japanese bullet trains.

In his youth, Jack joined Withington Wheelers Cycling Club and enjoyed both long distance (up to 250 miles) and track races at Fallowfield Stadium, Manchester.

Added Jack: “I did say 10 years ago when I delivered the tribute for his 50th anniversary that I was looking forward to delivering this one at his 60th.

“Despite Jack having major heart surgery a few years ago, I am pleased to say he is fit and well and I look forward to his 70th.

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