Art of the matter: Pupils brush up painting skills for exhibition

WORKS of art by some of the world’s greatest painters have all been on display under one roof.

What is more they were on sale to the public for knock down prices. All not quite as it seems?

Indeed, East Crompton St George’s Primary School rather than the Louvre, Prado or the National Portrait Gallery was the venue for this new exhibition.

All 228 pieces of art were completed by pupils aged four to 11 from the George Street school.

Works including Picasso, Monet, Lowry and Kandinsky were used to inspire youngsters to reproduce as faithful a replica as possible.

They were then displayed in the school hall and admired by parents, relatives and carers during an open afternoon earlier this month.

Headteacher Rachel Ross, who joined the school at Easter 2018, came up with the idea for the gallery.

“We are trying to create one-off days that are curriculum themed but have an outcome so the children see a purpose to the learning,” she explained.

“The purpose this time was they were creating a gallery so they could exhibit their work for people to see who could then buy a piece of artwork if they wish which in turn raised funds for the school.

“We have 228 pupils at the school who created 228 pieces or art.

Some used oils, others used pastels but it was a good exercise in developing other skills such as brush strokes or gaining an understanding of background and foreground in their pieces.”

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