Braking good! Car man George’s offer of help to NHS staff

A SHAW garage is offering free vehicle brakes, disks and pads checks as a thank you to NHS workers.

George Beeston

George Beeston is proprietor at 40 Plus Parts and has more than 30 years’ experience in the trade.

The company at Glebe Street is currently closed. But George, father of Shaw and Crompton Parish Council chair Joe Beeston, will re-open for any health professionals taking up the offer.

“I want to do my bit,” he told the Correspondent. “I was extremely poorly in 2015 but the nurses who looked after me were phenomenal.

“Everyone I speak to says the same thing about them. I just want to give something back.

“I don’t want them to forget about their safety while looking after our safety.

“I see brake repair jobs come in that probably should have been done months ago.

“I would rather check and repair them for free than anything happen to them, particularly at this time.

“I want them to know I am willing to help. All they do is pay for the parts and I will do the labour.

“If I could afford to cover the parts as well, I would, Unfortunately, I can’t.”

For more information call George on 07784 442580.

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