Brexit Party announces candidate for future general elections

PAUL Taylor has been announced as prospective parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in Oldham East and Saddleworth.

A local resident of 20 years, Mr Taylor will contest the constituency in the next General Election, standing against incumbent Debbie Abrahams.

My Taylor, a married father-of-one, is a retired fire service senior officer.

Aged 62, he has a Masters degree in Business and has a keen interest in the protection of green spaces.

He said: “The wanton destruction of our green spaces is nothing short of an assault on nature itself.

“Misplaced priorities are being exercised at national and local level due to legislation and blinkered ideological thinking when there are alternatives right across the borough of Oldham.

“Alternatives in the form of brownfield and derelict buildings that could again be at the heart of vibrant communities but adapted to provide homes rather than a place of work.”

He added: “Representative democracy is claimed by some; to give authority, to act against the expressed will of the electorate.

“But how can it be right to defy such expressed will, when the power to decide and act as representative was first relinquished in the form of a referendum?

“The Brexit Party is neither of the left or the right and our policies are based on determination between what is right or wrong without prejudice or favour.”

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