Centre closed but Maggie’s cancer support network still in place

MAGGIE’S Oldham is supporting people living with cancer through the COVID-19 emergency by phone, email or their online community.

The centre, in the grounds of The Royal Oldham Hospital, is no longer seeing people.

However, the charity is providing free practical and emotional support to people living with cancer, as well as family and friends, at what is an incredibly difficult time.

Thomas now regularly speaks to a Maggie’s cancer support specialist by phone. He said: “I am more worried about my situation than ever.

“I was devastated when I thought I might not be able to get my usual support at Maggie’s.

“Speaking to the team by phone gets me through the day, I don’t know how I would cope without them.”

Maggie’s Oldham Centre Head Trish Morgan said: “We understand how the current situation increases stress and anxiety levels for people undergoing treatment, as well as family and friends.

“But we are here offering practical and emotional support to help them cope with the challenging times ahead.”

Since Maggie’s opened their first centre in 1996, the charity has developed a programme of support that is proven to help people with cancer and their loved ones take back control.

Maggie’s Oldham relies almost entirely on voluntary donations to be able to offer this high quality, professional support.

To find out more about Maggie’s Oldham, call 0161 989 0550 or email oldham@maggies.org

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