Charity shop burglar behind bars

A THREE-MAN crimewave targeting Royton, Shaw and Oldham have been sentenced in separate court appearances.

Nigel Lee Armstrong, from Derker, has been jailed for three-and-a-half years for burglary offences including raids on a number of charity shops.

Nigle Lee Armstrong

One of Armstrong’s targets was the Age Concern Shop on Market Street, Royton, with another at St Edwards Parish Centre on Spring Lane in Lees.

GMP Royton and Shaw posted on social media: “Hopefully this sentence will give some respite to them.”

Leon Lewis, 30 has started a seven-year-and-four-month prison term after pleading guilty to seven counts of burglary and one of theft.

A total of 31 other burglary offences were taken into consideration, including some in Royton and Shaw.

Additionally, Craig Collier, 31, was found guilty of theft of a motor vehicle and other theft in Royton.


Leon Lewis

Despite police success in bringing the trio to justice, GMP Royton and Shaw have warned of an increased number of vehicle crimes throughout May and June (see map).

“We are working hard to identify the offenders and are asking if you (the public) can help,” they said on their Facebook page.

“Please remember to lock your vehicles and remove all valuables.


Vehicle Theft points mapped

“At night, put your vehicle keys in a metal box with a lid. This will prevent anyone approaching the property with a scanner to intercept the signal.

“Do not leave keys on display inside your property.

“If you have CCTV please do a quick check regularly to see if anyone has been acting suspiciously.

“If this image is clear we may be able to ID who is out and about and then we can target them.

“You can email still images to

“Just tell us where, when and what they are doing so we can build an intelligence picture.

“Ring 101 to report crime. You can also report anonymously through Crimestoppers either online or by phone 0800 555111.”

The public is also asked to heed warnings of commercial property burglaries in Shaw, Crompton and Royton throughout June after 19 cases have been reported.

They said: “If you have a business, check your security arrangements and ensure all staff are familiar with locking up and alarm procedures.

“Please stay vigilant and remember to check CCTV including the quality and position of your cameras.”

GMP Royton and Shaw have also urged people to think twice before contacting the police.

They said: “We saw over 8,000 calls in 48 hours with 1,000 plus people abandoning their calls to 101 because they couldn’t get through.

“Please help us get to those people who really need us – think before you dial #GMP4U.”

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