Churches invited to support ‘Clear Mines, Grow Crops’ harvest appeal

RICHARD Outram, Volunteer Network Speaker with Manchester-based mine clearance charity MAG, is inviting churches in Shaw and Crompton to support their ‘Clear Mines, Grow Crops’ appeal as Harvest Festival approaches.

Richard, from Shaw, is writing to churches to seek their support to raise money to carry out mine clearance operations and educational programmes in regions where the danger from landmines remains real.

Richard Outram

He said: “Traditionally, church Harvest Festival services celebrate the wonderful food that is produced for us to eat and parishioners thank God for his beneficence.

“But imagine living in a country where, in addition to the back-breaking hard work involved in cultivating the land, you also face the constant risk of being killed by a landmine as you till the soil or harvest the crop. This is the situation faced by many farmers around the world.”

Ellie Coult, Community Fundraiser at MAG, said: “Parents around the world are presented with an impossible choice: risk life or limb farming mine-ridden land or allow their children to go hungry.

“Often families struggle to grow enough food when mines prevent them from using every inch of their land. Support MAG’s Clear Mines Grow Crops appeal and grant communities who currently live in fear access to a safe and prosperous future.”

All monies raised will go to support the efforts of Manchester-based charity MAG, who help transform the lives of people like Ashuta.

For decades, Ashuta and her family had a good life in Nyolo Village, South Sudan. Then conflict came and forced Ashuta, her husband and their seven children to seek refuge elsewhere.

One day, Ashuta received the news they’d been waiting for – the violence had moved on and they could return home. But what they found horrified them as their home was surrounded by landmines, making it impossible to farm without incredible danger.

MAG was able to destroy the remnants of war and now life for Ashuta and her children is safer.

Richard added: “I shall be very happy to talk to any of the churches who wish to support this worthy appeal and help transform the lives of people like Ashuta and her family who just want the chance to grow food free from the fear that any moment they might be killed or horribly injured by a landmine.”

Richard can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 07583 097793.

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