Cllr Arooj Shah to be elected as new leader of Oldham Council

Cllr Arooj Shah has been elected as the new leader of Oldham’s Labour Group. With Labour being the largest group on Oldham Council, holding 40 out of 60 seats, she will be confirmed as council leader at the Annual Meeting of the Council on 19th May.

Cllr Shah becomes the first Muslim woman in the North of England to hold the role of council leader.

Cllr Shah, who represents Chadderton South, has lived all her life in Glodwick, one of the country’s poorest wards, after her parents moved to the UK from Pakistan to work in the local textile industry in 1968. Becoming a councillor for the first time in 2012, she was named ‘Young Councillor of the Year’ in 2013, alongside fellow Oldham councillors Amanda Chadderton and Sean Fielding, by the Local Government Information Unit.

Cllr Arooj Shah

She has served as Deputy Leader of the Council since 2018. Oldham was the first place to create a dedicated “Covid Recovery” cabinet role, which Cllr Shah holds, leading the response in a borough that has had some of the highest case numbers nationally.

Cllr Shah said: “I am truly honoured to have been chosen to lead Oldham Council at a time of such importance for our borough.

“My priorities are simple: Oldham should be a place that we’re proud to call home, where we support one another, and where everyone can get on and live a good life.

“That starts with cleaner streets. My first action will be to spend more money on our street cleaning team and take stronger action against those who blight our streets with fly tipping and litter. Residents across Oldham should see that the Council has the same pride in the town that local people feel, and that we’ll go hard after anyone who doesn’t show that same respect.

“We need a clear plan for how Oldham will recover from the pandemic in a way that supports all of our residents. Covid hasn’t affected all places equally, and Oldham has particularly suffered because of our high levels of deprivation. So I’ll be bringing forward a Covid Recovery Strategy and a strategy for Equalities. Oldham residents need to know that, whether you’re a young person worrying about your future, someone struggling to find work or get by on low pay, or an older person who is lonely or unwell, we’re on your side and the Council is here to help you.

“As a council we need to reconnect with our residents and businesses. My commitment is to lead a Council that is really listening to the concerns of local people, and that helps businesses across the borough to flourish. We’ll make sure the reopening of our town centres is a time of celebration, and develop networks of businesses in all our town and district centres so that they have the support they need to create great jobs and rebuild Oldham’s reputation as a place of pioneering industry.

“It’s a huge privilege to be Leader of Oldham Council. I intend to continue the great work already planned to transform our economy and stand ready to put my shoulder to the wheel alongside colleagues, council staff and, most importantly, local people to take Oldham where we want it to go.”

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