Don’t Carry on Camping on the Moor

NEARLY 30 youngsters who turned a beauty spot into a grot spot have been slammed for their reckless behaviour.

After promising to remove an impromptu camp site set up in Black Hey on Crompton Moor, the group left it strewn in the undergrowth of the popular haunt for locals.

The camp site on Crompton Moor

Beer and spirits bottles, empty nitrous oxide containers plus a lot of used toilet roll was discovered by horrified members of the Friends of Crompton Moor (FoCM) group.

The incidents took place on the weekend of October 7 and 8.

The group pitched their tents in the woods at Black Hey, promising to remove all their debris before they left.

But a posting on the FoCM Facebook page revealed: “Later the area was checked, and the tents, equipment and rubbish were found to have been thrown deep into the brambles and long vegetation.

“Camping on Crompton Moor is not allowed for very good reasons.

“No toilet facilities, lighting fires (especially when intoxicated and under the influence of drugs) is dangerous. Not only to the wildlife and environment, but to the youngsters themselves.

“If anyone has any information regarding this, please report it.”

The revelations were greeted with predictable anger and dismay on the social net working site.

One parent commented: “Disgraceful. I teach my children to take their rubbish with them whether they are camping or just having a picnic. This makes me angry seeing things like this.”

Another wrote: “Can anything be done to get ‘em shifted upon discovery next time, rather than relying on their assurances to ‘leave no trace’?”

And the mood of most was summed up by the poster who said: “They want to go to a nice place to have fun, but in return they leave it a mess.

“People would be far more tolerant if they simply cleaned up.”

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