E-ACT Royton and Crompton Academy to have name change? Parents canvassed for opinions

PARENTS will decide if a Royton school will change its name later this year and pupils wear newly-designed uniforms to embrace the possible switch.

Royton and Crompton Academy

The proposals have been announced by Andrea Atkinson, new headteacher of the E-ACT Royton and Crompton Academy on Blackshaw Lane.

Mrs Atkinson, who replaced Neil Hutchinson in January 2019 outlined the plans in a letter to parents and carers.

She wrote: “This is a unique opportunity to completely refresh and rebrand the Academy and provide a state of the art learning environment that the students, staff, local and wider community have been waiting for and deserve.

“With this in mind, we are considering whether to completely rename the new Academy in order to have a fresh start.

“I want all stakeholders to be proud of their school and to make it an exciting learning community where all can thrive.

“Your contribution would be gratefully appreciated. It is important to note, should we decide to replace the uniform, this will be a phased process, to ensure it is cost effective for parents; with a view to a full change by September 2020.”

The survey contains just three questions:

• Do you think we should change the name of Royton and Crompton Academy?

• Do you think we should change the uniform?

• If we change the uniform to be cost effective and to support parents which statement do you agree with?

The first two have simple yes-no boxes but anyone who says the name should change is able to propose three different ones.

Anyone who believes the uniform should alter has five choices to pick from: black, navy blue, grey, green/bottle green and maroon.

There are also three different suggestions at switching the uniform: ‘All students to have new uniform by Sept 19’, ‘Year 7 and 10 to have new uniform new uniform by Sept 19. All other years by Sept 2020 and ‘Year 7, 9, 10 to have new uniform by Sept 19. All others by Sept 2020.’

E-ACT manages academies around the country, five of which are in the north, including Royton and Crompton and Oldham Academy North on Broadway in Royton, as well as Blackley in Manchester and Pathways and Parkwood in Sheffield.

The proposed name change would coincide with the opening of a new building, which will replace the one built in the 1960s and which will be demolished following completion.

The 1200-pupil school is getting new facilities as part of the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s Priority School Building Programme.

Other buildings on the site, including the sports hall and the existing all-weather pitch are being retained.

Meanwhile, year 11 students are set to be put through their paces ahead of their GCSE exams – and they have been warned they have to do their half-term homework.

“The completion of these homework activities are of extreme significance in order to prepare pupils to reach their potential in their final GCSE Examinations,” says a school letter.

“All activities have been planned by each department to give pupils as much exam experience as possible and to fill in gaps in their understanding after their mock exams.

“If there are any misconceptions around what is expected, pupils should speak with their class teacher before leaving school for the half-term break.

“The partnership between school and home is vital in ensuring your child’s future success so we would appreciate your support in promoting this opportunity for further study.”

5 Replies to “E-ACT Royton and Crompton Academy to have name change? Parents canvassed for opinions”

  1. I do not think the name should change. I think tbe proposal shows a lack of understanding of the role of community and history in the area. Generations of people attended Royton and Crompton school. Rebuilding AND renaming will remove any link to the past, the pupils parents and grandparents.
    Rebuild the reputation and keep the name then you make a community proud.

  2. I don’t agree with changing the name or uniform. It will not change the reputation the school has at the moment, The leadership team should concentrate on rebuilding the reputation and not try to brush it under the carpet with a name change.
    Also by changing the uniform means parents will have to pay out yet more money on blazers and pe kit when they may not have to if these still fit their child at the start of a new school year.

  3. Instead of trying to change the name, why not try to retain teachers so that pupils don’t have a supply every other lesson or new teacher every term.

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