Elections: All change at new-look Shaw and Crompton Parish Council

ONLY two of the current 14 serving members – councillors Howard Sykes and Louie Hamblett – will take their seats again when Shaw and Crompton Parish Council meets on May 20 for the first time after next month’s local elections on May 2.

It will do so with only nine councillors – all Liberal Democrats – who were elected uncontested.

Five places remain unfilled, though further candidates can be co-opted.

Councillors not seeking re-election are John Aspinall, current PC chair, David Bibby, Dawn Blackburn, Mike Dodd, Shaun Duffy, Angie Farrell, John Hall, Chris Stephens, Denise Tindall, Paul Turner, Julia Turner, and John Wood. 

Meet your Parish Councillors:

East (One seat available)

Joe Beeston

Joe Beeston
I am 20 years old and have been volunteering and helping the Shaw and Crompton Parish Council from a young age.
This allowed me to gradually build myself some rapport and confidence.
I am very passionate about animal welfare and community spirit also I enjoy working with the public.
Now, I’m elected on the Parish Council I’ll make the difference and work hard for my community in all I do.” 


Susan Moore
I am new to the representing role but have been working in the background for some time.
Like you, I see changes and key issues for our wellbeing in Shaw and Crompton, for me, are: environmental quality, sustainability and food, all linked to health.
These areas are where I want to focus my efforts. Primarily, to do what I can and work with anyone who shares my objective to ensure Shaw and Crompton are safe, healthy and happy places to live, learn, work and visit.
I would love to hear your ideas. Contact me by email: cllrsmoore@gmail.com


Howard Sykes

Howard Sykes
Cllr Sykes MBE has represented Shaw for more than 30 years. He was a founder member of the Parish Council back in 1987.  He also leads the opposition Liberal Democrat group on Oldham Council.
Howard serves as Chair of the A V Davies Charity that provides financial support for residents in crisis and he has served as governor at St. Joseph’s Primary School in Shaw for more than 25 years. He is a champion for environmental matters.
He said: “Shaw is a fantastic place. Some appear to enjoy knocking the place and community I love. Working with local citizens we can make it better.”


Sean Villanueva

Sean Villanueva
I was born and raised in Leicester and moved to Shaw a year ago with my partner who is from the local area.
I have a grown-up son and two grandchildren. I have a background in healthcare working for the NHS for over 25 years as a mental health professional.
I am a people orientated individual and have a strong passion for fairness and a belief all people should be treated with dignity and equality.
I am a strong animal lover and take environmental issues seriously. I enjoy most social aspects and listening/talking to people. I enjoy theatre and musical events particularly. Family is very important to me.


Dennis Baker

Dennis Baker
I have lived in Shaw for over 40 years and I currently work at Shaw Direct on a part time basis since I retired from full time employment. However, I still act as a GMB Union representative helping National Health Service staff with employment issues.
I decided to stand as a Liberal Democrat candidate for two reasons: I see the hard work the Lib Dem councillors put into Shaw, and I’ve also seen the demise of services by the Labour controlled Oldham Council.
I am passionate about Shaw, and want to see it become a cleaner, safer place.


Enrique Flores-Ochoa
Enrique was born in Mexico but now lives in Shaw.
He is passionately environmentally driven.
A keen long-distance swimmer, Enrique has swam the English Channel and the River Mersey.


West  (One seat available)

Imran Ali

Imran Ali
I was born and raised in Shaw and Crompton, I attended New Barn Junior school before it became Crompton Primary and I then went onto Royton and Crompton secondary school before furthering my studies at Oldham Sixth Form.
I then went on to study at Salford University.  I have regular contact with my local community as I work in the local Tesco on Market Street, offering a friendly face and support to the local residents.
I am extremely passionate about health, education and the environment – not just for my family’s future, but for all those who live within the area. I strongly feel we need to work together for everyone’s future.


Louie Hamblett

Louie Hamblett
After serving on the Parish Council for the last four years and learning all I can while chairing various committees and helping out with its events and local groups, I have also had the honor of becoming the group leader for the Liberal Democrat group on the Parish while also representing the council on many other outside bodies.
I hope to continue to represent many residents’ important issues on the council for the next four years and in other places that matter to Shaw and Crompton.



North  (Three seats available)

Ken Berry

Ken Berry
Ken would like to tackle the concern of Crompton’s aging population. People are facing social isolation and he is pleased partners such as Ambition for Aging are trying to tackle this.
He is fully aware of the anti-social behaviour that has been seen in the district town centre and would like to work with the young people to channel their activities in to something more productive.
Ken believes getting the basics right is important such as having clean streets clear from dog foul, litter and fly-tipping, working street lights and decent roads and footpaths.


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