‘Everyone matters’ at Fir Bank Primary

A ROYTON junior school to which pupils “enjoy” going and where “morale is high” has received a ‘good’ inspection report from Ofsted.


Fir Bank Primary School

Fir Bank Primary School head teacher Hazel Mackay is also praised in the short inspection report of Julie Barlow after her visit on May 2, 2018.

The Grasmere Road school’s short inspection was its first since it was judged to be good in February 2014.

The inspector commented: “You are a well-respected headteacher who has established a culture of high expectations in which everyone is valued.

“The school’s motto, ‘Where everyone matters’ underpins all that the school does.

“Over recent years you have faced many challenges in relation to staffing. This has hindered the rate of school improvement you would have liked in some areas.

“Nevertheless, you have improved the quality of teaching and strengthened the leadership capacity at the school.

“Governors and your staffing team share your drive and ambition that all pupils will achieve.

“Teaching has stabilised and improvements are starting to pay dividends. Consequently, the school is improving.”

It is noted members of staff are “proud to work at the school”.

Governors are also praised for having a “wide set of skills which they use to challenge and support you”.

Attendance is above the National average, pupils are said to “work hard in lessons” and “are keen to learn from their mistakes”.

The report also says: “At the time of the last inspection, leaders were asked to increase the level of challenge in lessons and set sharp targets for pupils so that more reach high levels of attainment.

“Inspection evidence that was gathered demonstrates pupils know what they are learning in lessons and how they can improve.

“During the inspection, we discussed the next steps required to enable the school to improve further.

“You agreed the improvements made to the teaching of reading need to embed further so that greater proportions of pupils achieve at the expected and higher standard across the school.”

Find out more about Fir Bank Primary online: www.firbankprimary.co.uk

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