Extra police patrols to combat tram violence

AN increase in security measures has been announced in the wake of the violent attacks at Metrolink tram stops in Oldham and repeated anti-social behaviour.


Anti-Social behaviour has blighted some metrolink services

Extra police patrols and the 24-hour manning of Transport for Greater Manchester’s control centre are part of an attempt to allay fears of passengers using the Manchester to Rochdale line, including the Shaw and Newhey stops.

Beverley Hughes, the deputy mayor for Policing is working with Greater Manchester Police and the Travelsafe Partnership (TSP) to reassure the public.

GMP has confirmed it is providing extra patrols in areas where the incidents have occurred, and at the TSP continues to bolster its team including Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), TravelSafe Officers, Inspectors and Sergeants.

The control centre, at TfGM has access to CCTV footage from across the Greater Manchester road network, park and ride sites, bus stations and Metrolink stops.

The 24-hour control centre operation will also support greater reliability on the transport network.

The new system will enable a much quicker and more coordinated response to live incidents and issues and will support the TSP, which uses intelligence and crime and antisocial behaviour data from contributing operators to help target patrols in necessary areas at key times.

The TSP, which was formed in 2015, works across all 10 districts of Greater Manchester to reduce antisocial behaviour.

Activity includes school and youth group visits to educate and inform on the effects of antisocial behaviour on victims.

The Deputy Mayor said: “The move to a 24 hours a day, seven days a week control centre is excellent news.
“I hope it offers additional reassurance to passengers by reinforcing the important point that public transport is a safe and secure way to travel.

“More TSP staff and officers are out on the network, particularly in the evenings and at weekends, complementing the vital work already underway which helps keep our communities safe.

“These measures send a clear message to those committing crime and antisocial behaviour on our transport network that we are always watching; we can and will respond immediately to apprehend those responsible.”

Chief Inspector Colette Rose from Greater Manchester Police heads the TravelSafe Partnership.

She said: “We are working hard with our partners to ensure that the travel network is one that the public feel safe and secure using.

“The TravelSafe team ensure that appropriate patrols are in place in areas we know there are issues with antisocial behaviour and we will continue develop a long-term plan to reduce this crime.

“As a Partnership we actively work with schools where we deliver presentations on antisocial behaviour and its effects on the public and wider community.

“I would like to appeal to parents and ask that they appropriately educate their children about the consequences of their behaviour on others.”

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