From ‘ruff’ to revived with doggy reiki

IT is not only humans who can benefit from a touch of holistic therapy – just ask the doggy visitors to Waggy Warehouse in Shaw.

Pamper your pooch with doggy reiki at Waggy Warehouse in Shaw

There’s everything under one roof for the care, nurturing and well-being of your favourite pooch – even reiki sessions.
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, administered by a “laying on hands”.
It is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through people. If that life energy drops then the more prone you are to get sick or feel tired.
This theory is now being applied to the canine world.
“It seems people are really into trying alternative approaches to addressing their dogs’ demeanour,” says co-owner Claire Pickavance.
“We’ve had dogs who are stressed and nervy, dogs who won’t stop barking and dogs who have minor health conditions.
“So far it’s been a hit and we’ve had great feedback from the owners.
“The intended benefits of reiki are for physical healing, psychological treatment, and general wellness.
“It can relieve tension or alleviate fears in nervous dogs or dogs displaying aggression or strange behaviour and gives your dog a sense of peace.
“On top of that, there is pain relief and rapid recovery from treatment or operations, and generally aiding the body’s natural healing process.
“Another practical use for Reiki is to assist with separation anxiety that a dog may experience when you’re away from home and they’re left at home or boarded away.
“Or just general changes in the dog’s lifestyle can all be addressed and helped with reiki.”
The Waggy Warehouse hourly sessions are to be held the first Saturday of every month, between 12noon and 4pm.
The February sessions are already a sell out with the next one taking place on March 3.
Waggy Warehouse now has a new groomer, Paula, who can call on 30 years’ experience. She specialises in nervous or aggressive dogs.
The Linney Lane establishment has a no force policy and uses positive reinforcement, de-stress techniques and meet and greet sessions to build up a dog’s trust and confidence so they feel happy and we gain their trust.
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