Get involved with Great British September Clean to tidy up your area

THE Great British Spring Clean was one of the many events across the country which had to be postponed due to the Coronavirus.

Now it is back and Oldham Council is encouraging residents to grab their litter pickers and brushes and give the borough a Great British September Clean, all while social distancing.

There is still plenty of time to sign up and get involved in the clean-up, which runs from September 11 to September 27.The national campaign, organised by Keep Britain Tidy, has one simple aim – to bring together people to clear up the litter that blights districts, parks, green spaces, villages, and countryside.

During the pandemic council staff and volunteers have been out working under difficult circumstances to keep the borough clean.

That work is seeing results – last year Keep Britain Tidy gave Oldham’s streets four out of five for cleanliness after the council boosted the number of workers in its street cleaning team.

But it’s not just about picking up litter. It’s also about sending a clear message to those who drop litter and dump waste: it’s not acceptable and if evidence is found then the council will take action.

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Culture, said: “Over recent years we’ve seen a number of groups and individuals all regularly doing their bit and helping to clean up the borough.

“During the pandemic some of these volunteers have also helped support their communities by carrying out vital roles delivering food and medicine to vulnerable people, so they really are local champions.

“It would be great if more people followed their lead. The Great British September Clean is a good way for people to get involved and help improve their neighbourhoods.

“Money is now tighter than ever and cleaning up our communities costs residents and the council hundreds of thousands of pounds each year, so initiatives like this not only help improve the area but also save funds.

“The vast majority of our residents don’t want to see their areas looking run down and keep them clean and tidy – if more people followed their example then our streets would be even cleaner

“But, unfortunately, there is always a small minority who continue to think they can just dump waste and leave others to clear up the mess.

“If every resident picked up just one piece of litter it would make a tremendous difference.”

To find out more about any events in your area, information about the campaign or how to take part, go to and register today.

The council will support any groups that have signed up to the initiative and you can contact us via

If you take part and take any photos don’t forget to tag in @OldhamCouncil and use the hashtag #GreatBritishSeptemberClean

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