Into Africa…teacher Steve re-lives Uganda experience

INTREPID Shaw teacher Steve Hill was left with unforgettable lifetime memories after a recent trip to Africa.

The deputy head of St Joseph’s on Oldham Road spent a week in the town of Masaka before rounding off the trip by participating in the Uganda International Marathon.

And the event is more than just running 26.2 miles as Steve and other participants discovered.

During their stay, they visited grassroots projects lead by local organisations and helped organise a sports day for local disadvantaged youngsters.

“It was the most amazing week,” said Steve, who earlier this year completed the gruelling Arctic Ice Marathon.

“It was such a privilege to be able to spend time with the people of Masaka and help to make a difference by being part of a number of charity projects throughout the week.

“Everyone was so welcoming. It’s nice to know that through the work undertaken and the money we’ve raised along with the donated trainers, we’ve made a small difference and left a tiny legacy to a wonderful community in Uganda.”

After a welcome meeting, Steve and his group toured Masaka visiting Ddemba Home and the markets, as well as sampling fried grasshopper.

The Ddembe Home helps rehabilitate young Ugandan children who are living rough on the streets at Masaka often addicted to drugs and alcohol.

There was also a visit to Masaka Vocational Rehabilitation Centre where the group built plastic bottles recycle bins using upcycled materials and equipment.

Next up was a trip to Masaka Recycling Centre creating gardens using recycled plastic which will provide crops which will help feed the children from the Smile Orphanage in Masaka.

“Day three was spent visiting Bugabira Primary School and staff,” added Steve.

“There they have so little but are so happy and enthusiastic in all they do.

“We built them some keyhole gardens, a new netball court and volleyball court and then challenged them to some matches.

“It was a very special day and one I’ll never forget.

“We also organised a sports day, ‘Kids Run Wild’ for the children from the local villages.

“And finally, it was the marathon. “It was the most amazing race.

“I didn’t stop smiling for the whole 26.2 miles,” said Steve who will be recounting his Uganda stories and other adventures at Higher Crompton Conservative Club this week.

‘An Evening with Steve Hill’ takes place on Friday, July 13 from 7.30pm. Tickets are now on sale. They cost £10 and include a pie supper.

They are available from St Joseph’s Primary School, the Conservative Club or call
07753 570690.

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