Jarrod shows true Gritt in Dewsbury

ROYTON Road Runners crossed the Pennines to open their 2018 championship campaign at the Dewsbury 10K road race (writes Elliot Stone).

Jarrod Gritt

More than 1,500 runners competed, including 62 RRR members, many achieving personal bests even at this stage of the year.
Among those were: Bernadette Ball (8th FV60, 61:38), Sharon Dracup (62:58), Jenny O’Callaghan (58:28), Carl O’Callaghan (39:48), Michael Wildbore (37:45) and Michael Fleming (37:43).
First honours of the season went to Jarrod Gritt whose time of 34 minutes 50 seconds gave him 33rd place overall.
Jarrod began to show his potential last season and has worked hard through the winter months to ensure his progress.
By being the first RRR home, he managed to beat Shane Reading (9th V40, 35:34)and last year’s club champion, Rob James (35:42).
Both Jarrod and Shane recorded new PBs, emphasising the quality of their runs.
In the women’s race, Janet Jobey (43:49) lived up to her billing as favourite by coming home first among the RRR women.
This is quite an achievement, coming early in her return from a serious foot injury.
June Allingan (1st FV70, 1:10:58) gained Royton Road Runners only prize in any category, proving once again that she is not ready for the quiet life just yet.
However, there were a number of impressive age category positions in this top-quality field, including Diane Allingan (9th FV55, 51:17), Val Kilburn (8th FV50, 46:34), Ronnie Quinn (6th V65, 45:00), Robert Nixon (5th V60, 43:35) and Chris Lowe (4th V45, 36:25).

Dewsbury 10k womens race

Despite the tough competition, the RRR men’s and women’s teams put in commendable performances for 9th and 14th positions respectively.
The first race always means new members taking their first steps in to the race running world. Big congratulations the ‘first-timers’ Adam Farrell (48:37), Leonie Glyn (48:53) and Sally Crewe (59:37).
All the other RRR finishers: Mary Freer (1:10:58), Lee Higginbottom (an injury-plagued 65:01), Tracey Hall (62:04), Sarah Butler (60:37), Martina Naismith (59:43), Elaine Whitehead (57:08), Jillian Heywood (56:26), Amanda Richardson (54:09), Rochelle Evans (54:06), Lisa Cummins (53:23), Gail Shaw (53:19), Jill Hickson (53:04).
John Fay (50:59), Tony Kane (50:06), Gary Marshall (49:56), Dave Watt (49:38), Simon Howard (48:45), Chris Nicholson (48:19), Adam Stirling (48:14), David Freer (47:59), Helen Radcliffe (47:56), Gary Smith (47:09), Neil Farrell (46:57), Paul Cooke (46:53), Andy Chadwick (46:44), David Crewe (46:40), Vikki Smith (46:39).
Mark Heaney (45:53), Jason Keast (45:14), Garry Bower (45:06), Steve Shaw (44:38), Bryan Lawton (43:58), Stewart Jones (43:56), Matthew Kilburn (43:16), Matt Kershaw (42:32), Bernie Cassidy (42:22), Ian Dale (41:21), David Emanuel (40:44), Elliot Stone (40:32), Dave Peart (39:28), Richard Cummins (38:57), Bernie Goodwin (38:50) and Rob Battye (37:13).

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