Lee’s lyrics win top music award in America

OLDHAM singer/songwriter Lee James Cluskey has won his first music award in the USA.

Lee’s success came at the Palm Beach International Music Awards where his song ‘Through These Times I Live’ was voted as having the best lyrics.

Lee James Cluskey with The Miners Band Live @ the QEH

The victory is a fantastic moment in the musical journey of the 40-year-old from South Chadderton in bringing a dream of achieving global success to reality.

Lee, well known in Saddleworth as he fronts The Miners Band which has recorded at Wharf Mill, Dobcross, and Shure 5 Studios in Royton, explained how he came to enter the awards.

He said: “Throughout the past few months, I have been working on my debut album ‘Strengthened Virtues’ which is due out in 2022.

“The lyrics for ‘Through These Times I Live’ are actually planned for a second album ‘Nothing Is Everything’ but a contact recommended these particular awards as a decent place to introduce myself and help my musical progress.”

‘Strengthened Virtues’ will be recorded by The Miners Band, an acoustic rock n’ roll group, and will feature American vocalist Eddie Michaels.

Lee James Cluskey

Lee, who works freelance editing and proof reading, is also an award-winning screenwriter.

His debut screenplay ‘Stepping Off The Carpathia’ triumphed at the Tagore International Film Festival in India where he landed his award in the category ‘Feature Script Outstanding Achievement’.

The screenplay is about the aftermath of the Titanic disaster, the story of survivors being rescued by the Carpathia and following them in the run up to the First World War and through to New York’s roaring twenties.

The Miners Band and LeeJCluskey, who is also an acoustic soloist, have a joint tour of universities in England, Scotland and Wales, pencilled in for September and October 2021. It will be called ‘The Strengthened Virtues UK Tour – Part I’.

  • You can listen and watch a YouTube exclusive of You’ll Live And Learn’ which is from the ‘Strengthened Virtues’ album here https://youtu.be/pXeEka_Icjc

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