Numbers game adding up to more plate thefts

A POLICE warning has been issued after a rise in the number of stolen number plates.

Thieves have targeted vehicles throughout Shaw, Crompton and Royton including two cars on Refuge Street, Shaw.

GMP Royton and Shaw, who have recently been handing out advice and free number plate screws, said: “We have recently seen an increase in theft of number plates in the Royton, Shaw and Crompton areas.

“Stolen number plates are often used by offenders to commit further crime. “

Oher crimes reported since the last edition of the Correspondent include:

May 9: Grampian Way, Shaw: SatNav stolen.

May 9: Vehicle searched but nothing was stolen on Netherhouse Road, Shaw.

Bank Holiday weekend: five thefts from motor vehicles but no burglaries.

April 27: Scarr Lane, Shaw – residential burglary: offenders made off in the direction of Linney Lane. An appeal for clear CCTV pictures have been requested.

April 24: Rivington Drive, Shaw – residential burglary: no entry gained.

April 24: Rochdale Road, Shaw – residential burglary: property stolen.

April 23: Brunswick Street, Shaw: interfere with vehicles.

April 23: Glebe Street, Shaw: community burglary.

April 21: Woodend, Shaw – two-in-one residential burglary; vehicle recovered.

April 21 and 22: Great Meadow, Shaw – residential burglary.

April 22 and 23: Salts Street, Shaw: theft from motor vehicle between 10pm-8am.

April 17: Tudor Street, Shaw: theft of motor vehicle, later recovered.

April 16: Ashworth Court, Shaw: theft from motor vehicle; midnight to 2.30pm.

April 15 and 16: Waveney Road, Shaw – residential burglary: midnight to 9am, shed break-in.

April 16: Glebe Street, Shaw – community burglary, no entry gained; midnight to 9am.

April 14: Highlands Road, High Crompton: theft of blue Ford Fiesta PE06 EHH;

April 13: Westway, Shaw: theft of maroon Nissan Note MA66 VPZ, 11.20am-12.30pm.

April 12-13: Goats, Shaw: number plates stolen; 7pm-6.15am.

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