Oldham MP hosts Parliament Week events to inspire young people

OLDHAM West and Royton MP Jim McMahon hosted three virtual Parliament Week events to inspire young people from across Oldham.

Mr McMahon was joined by Year 7 pupils from The Radclyffe School in Chadderton and junior and senior pupils from Oldham Hulme Grammar School. He also attended a virtual meeting with Oldham Youth Council.

MP Jim McMahon on a virtual Parliament Week meeting with Oldham Youth Council

UK Parliament week is an annual festival that seeks to engage people from across the UK with their Parliament, explores what it means to them and encourages them to get involved.

This year marked ten years of Parliament Week and provided an important opportunity to be part of the UK’s democracy and look to the next ten years.
Community groups, local organisations and schools across Oldham West and Royton signed up to take part in events throughout the week (November 1-7).

Mr McMahon said: “I really enjoyed my opportunities to talk to young people from across Oldham about what it means to be an MP and how our Parliament works.

“As a longstanding campaigner for Votes at Sixteen I know just how vital it is that we get our young people involved in democracy and I’m glad so many groups signed up to take part in the week.

“Unfortunately, I can’t join everyone for the same questions sessions we’ve had with Radclyffe, Hulme and the Youth Council, but I am almost certain there will be lots of interesting and engaging events taking places virtually.

“I’d encourage all schools and youth groups to go to the UK Parliament Week website and have a look at the range of activities available. It’s not all boring talks and presentations, there are some fun games and activities to play as well.”

UK Parliament Week is organised by the UK Parliament Education and Engagement Team. Find out more online: www.ukparliamentweek.org/en/

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