Parish Council grant is a life saver

A LIFE-SAVING piece of equipment is a step closer to being returned to Shaw town centre.

The defibrillator outside Sports Physio UK in Shaw town centre

Sports Physio UK launched an appeal after a defibrillator was removed from its secure casing outside the premises on Market Street in January 2018.
A Just Giving appeal was made by SPUK co director Scott Woodhead and realised nearly £550.
Further donations were made inside the shop and a successful appeal was made to Shaw and Crompton Parish Council for a grant.
Clerk Tony Hilton confirmed to members at March’s Parish Council meeting that a £250 award had been agreed.
Mr Hilton was due to hand over the cheque to SPUK as the Shaw and Crompton Correspondent went to press.
“As soon as the money is cleared we will be ordering a new defibrillator so it will be back in place as soon as possible,” said a SPUK spokesman.
“For us to get a replacement is paramount,” Scott told the Correspondent after the theft.
“The last thing I want to hear is someone having a heart attack on Market Street and that person dies knowing if the defibrillator had still been there that person might be alive.
“Whoever has taken it hasn’t thought ‘if I take this someone might die’.”
• The Council also made grants of £250 to In Harmony Singers for new uniforms and £400 to Beal Vale Primary School for a local history trail signboard.

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