Peace activist champions work against landmines

A Shaw peace activist will be championing work against landmines after being appointed as a volunteer Network Speaker for the Mines Advisory Group (MAG).

Richard Outram

Richard Outram, who is secretary of the Oldham Pledge to Peace Forum and a Peace Studies undergraduate student at Bradford University, is taking on the role with the Manchester-based charity.

Last December, Richard walked 25 miles through a blizzard from his home in Shaw to the university, raising £1,300 for the life-saving work of MAG.

In his new role, he will speak at meetings hosted by local community groups about the impact of landmines on 60 million people in 64 countries that are still contaminated by these dreadful weapons.

He will also explore the inspiring work being done by MAG to clear the mines, as well as the ways in which local groups can help the charity in its life-saving work.

Richard said: “Tragically 24 people are killed or injured every day by landmines – one every hour – and almost half of these are children.

“Landmines stop crops being grown in the fields and lessons being taught in schools.

“We can all help MAG in its work to rid the world of landmines. They are the ‘silent sentry’ as Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams described them, indiscriminate weapons that lie in wait for their innocent victims long after the war has ended.

“I am looking forward to my new role and I am eager to talk to local community groups about how MAG saves lives and builds futures.

“This is something that we can all get behind to help make the world Landmine Free by 2025.”
Ellie Coult, Community Fundraiser at MAG, said: “Richard is one of three new Network Speakers.

“This new role is crucial in raising awareness of landmine issues and we’re thrilled to have Richard on board.”

For community groups wishing to book Richard to come to talk to them about MAG’s work, contact him directly by email: or call: 07583 097793. There is no charge for bookings.

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