Post some positivity this year with Oldham Coliseum

OLDHAM Coliseum Theatre is launching a community project asking people of all ages to create postcards filled with positivity.

The theatre is inviting people to create their own artwork or drawing for the front of their postcards and write a poem on the back, all based on the themes of ‘connection’ and ‘togetherness’.

The cards can then be sent to family and friends or return to the Coliseum to be shared with Oldham’s communities.

For the project the Coliseum’s Learning and Engagement team have collaborated with award-winning poet Nasima Begum (AKA Nasima Bee) to create a poetry exercise pack which can be delivered as part of a package of resources or downloaded from the theatre’s website.

Nasima is a performance poet, producer and creative practitioner. She has taught poetry nationally and internationally and her most notable performances include Manchester Literature Festival, British Council’s BritLitBerlin Conference and BBC’s Contains Strong Language.

She is one of five Greater Manchester recipients of the Jerwood Creative Fellowship and is currently working on an audio commission with New Creatives North.

Nasima is also a trustee for Manchester’s Young Identity, an advocate for Contact Theatre and is the Project Coordinator for Ananna.

At the beginning of the pandemic the Coliseum commissioned Associate Artist Hafsah Aneela Bashir to create the Poetry Health Service, a free website that uses poems as a tool for connection and healing.

The latest project – Stamp: Postcards of Positivity – helps people to create their own poems as a tool for sharing positivity.

The Coliseum has a limited amount of Stamp: Postcards of Positivity resource packs containing postcards, stamps, art and crafts materials and the poetry exercise pack.

Oldham residents can request a full resource pack or a Stamps and Postcards pack for free by emailing Group packs are also available for Oldham-based groups. Anyone can download the poetry exercise pack from the Coliseum website:

Oldham Coliseum Theatre closed its doors on March 16 due to the coronavirus crisis and remains shut to the public. However, the theatre continues its focus on digital, community and schools work.

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