Rock on! School’s hide and seek challenge for pupils and community

A ‘hidden gem’ of a school has launched a hide and seek with difference for its pupils and wider community.

A number of colourful rocks and pebbles have been produced at East Crompton St George’s School and placed in locations round Shaw.

Two special rocks, topped with a glittery star, will ensure the finder is rewarded with a prize if taken to the school at George Street. Other discovered rocks should be re-hidden.

Miss Schwarz and baby April

The school said: “As some of our children have been unable to return to school, we wanted to let them know we are thinking of them and they are very much a part of our school family.

“We also wanted to send out some positive messages of love and hope to the Shaw and wider communities during this difficult time.

“The rocks have also been hidden to let the community know we are a ‘hidden gem’ in Shaw and that our school ethos is very much about coming together as one big family.

“There are two very special rocks hidden that have a glittery star on them and our mission statement ‘Shine your light’. Prizes can be collected from school if these rocks are found.

“We hope our rock hide and seek challenge will continue throughout the summer holiday and be a fun and positive activity for all to take part in.”

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