Rotarians help pack 60,000 meals for African children

KIND-HEARTED members of Oldham Metro Rotary Club got hands on to help pack 60,000 meals to send to children in Africa.

Metro members Frank Bolger, Jack Wild and GK and were joined by Lois Ashworth and Emily Walker, Friends of Rotary from Royton Co-op, for the trip to St Helens for the food packing event, organised by Prescott and St Helens Rotary Clubs.

They were among about 200 volunteers from 27 Rotary clubs and other organisations filling the gym of Carmel College to take part in the ‘roadshow’ event, which was organised last year by Glossop Rotary Club.

The aim was to pack and seal in poly bags 60,000 meals in two shifts each of two hours.

The gym was set out as a production line involving volunteers filling bags with soya, lentils and rice, then adding sachet of vitamins, weighing bags to 400grams, heat sealing the bags, counting and packing 36 into cardboard boxes.

Jack Wild, Oldham Metro Rotary Club member, explained: “Very upbeat music was played, we all got a hair net and hygiene gloves, got allotted a role and away we went.

“Naturally it started off slowly as people gained experience and confidence in their job but soon it was full speed ahead.

“The aim was to pick 60,000 bags in four hours, all by hand. We did it with 10 minutes to spare!

“We all had a great time and felt happy, satisfied and rewarded by our efforts to provide 60,000 meals for 285 children in Africa for a year.”

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