Rotary goes purple for Polio with crocus planting

SPRING each year sees a beautiful purple carpet of crocus blooming in Royton Park as Crompton and Royton Rotary Club aims to remind people of the fight for a polio-free world.

In three years the club has planted about 10,000 bulbs to bring a patch of purple every spring alongside one of the paths the park.

And now the club is inviting the community to work with them to expand this planting and bring more purple to Royton and Shaw parks and open spaces.

Andy Czakow, Rotarian, explained: “The planting allows us to bring some colour and cheer to our local park while helping to eradicate Polio.

“By doing this win/win project we have provided funds to immunise 10,000 children.

“We are so close to getting rid of this horrible disease, with only four cases so far this year in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“Polio has been removed from the rest of the world by immunising 450 million children each year – a massive effort that is not over till we get rid of the last few cases.”

It only costs £110 for 4,000 bulbs so if you wish to help plant more bulbs in the local area, carry out your own fundraising or sponsor a batch of bulbs please message the club through their Facebook page.

They can arrange to buy the bulbs, have them planted or let you help in the planting and put up a sign to celebrate your charitable work.

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