Shaw church couple exposed by X rated video

A SHAW church has unwantedly been thrust into the national spotlight after a couple were filmed having sex in the graveyard.

Holy Trinity church and graveyard

The brazen duo have been condemned by parishioners at Holy Trinity and the local man who caught them in flagrante delicto.

Police are also investigating the X rated incident that took place on Tuesday, May 29.

The pair’s shocking antics took place on top of a tomb just four days after the Bishop of Middleton, the Reverend Mark Davies, visited the Church Road place of worship to mark the re-furbishment of Holy Trinity’s lychgate.

The video, filmed by Shaw man Scott Elwood, quickly spread via social media and the story picked up a few days later by media outlets, including the Sun, Daily Mirror and the Metro.

Scott, 20, who lives only a short distance from Holy Trinity, says he uploaded the graphic images to shame the man and woman, thought to be in their 30s and whose identities are known locally.

“I was out walking the dog around 7.30pm so it was broad daylight,” Scott, an apprentice mechanic, told the Correspondent.

“We were going through the alleyway close to the church and I saw what was happening. I was gob smacked.

“I walked past three times in total. The first time I didn’t film anything because I was so shocked.

“But after that I went back and decided I wanted to name and shame them on Facebook.

“There have been a lot of comments and by some people who know who was involved.

“I knew there would be reaction because it was such a weird video not to go anywhere.

“There are always going to be people saying I shouldn’t have got involved. My mum, for one, wasn’t happy with how I described them.

“It’s not a word I use very often but it was basically the first thought that came into my head.”

Holy Trinity’s large burial ground also contains 13 Commonwealth war graves and is readily accessible to the public.

And church warden Brian Mills admits this latest lewd act is the latest in an ongoing problem with anti-social behaviour.

“Anyone can and does go in the churchyard at any time of the day. But it’s basically what is common decency.

“We have had a constant problem with younger kids hanging around in the church yard, basically for somewhere to go.

“If they are causing a nuisance we ask them to move on.

“We would just ask people respect it for what it is as a graveyard.”

Mr Mills added: “I am reluctant to comment further because it is part of an on-going police investigation.

“As far as I am aware it is a criminal offence in the graveyard.

“I have spoken to the PCSOs in Shaw and they were aware of the incident and it was being looked into.

“It isn’t nice what they have done and as I have already said we are utterly disgusted and dismayed someone would desecrate a grave in that manner.”

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “Shortly before 7.30pm on Tuesday 29 May 2018, police were called to reports of an indecent exposure at a graveyard on Church Road in Shaw.

“Enquiries into the full circumstances around this incident are ongoing.

“Anyone with information should contact police on 101 quoting incident number 1964 of 29/05/18.”

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