Shaw Dad fights on to keep daughter’s killer behind bars

A SHAW dad whose teenage daughter was murdered and mutilated fears her killer could strike again if released from prison.

Paul Stowers was jailed for life for his brutal attack on Liane Singleton in Hollinwood on May 3, 1998.

Liane was brutally murdered in 1998 by Paul Stowers

This November, Stowers, who strangled 18-year-old Liane and stamped on her so hard her liver virtually split and then dismembered her body, could be released on license.

Since hearing of the murderer’s parole application earlier this year, Liane’s parents Gordon and Jacky Singleton launched a fight to keep him behind bars.

Oldham East and Saddleworth MP, Debbie Abrahams, has supported the couple’s case and helped organise a petition which amassed 6,000 names.

Despite the campaign Stowers, who claimed in court he suffered from a personality disorder, is still on course for release.

“I can’t believe they are letting him out with what he has done,” Gordon told the Correspondent.

“We can’t get our heads round it.

“There was no way when Liane went into that house there was anyway she was coming out. He was going to kill her.

“And then to do what he did the following day and put her in a bath and cut her up.

Liane’s father, Gordon Singleton continues to fight to keep his daughter’s killer behind bars

“There was also proof apparently he had been practicing on chickens on cutting bones before he did what he did to our Liane.

“I feel so let down by the system right from the beginning to now.

“It is totally wrong what has gone on.

“I am getting a lot of feedback that a lot of people are afraid because he is getting out.

“Even my daughter, who is 18, is worried if he comes back into the area.

“For someone to do what he did, even 20 years on, it’s still there in him.

“You can see him doing it again, that’s for sure. He should never get out.

“All we know at the moment though he is due for release in November.

“I haven’t given up yet and I am going to try and do everything I can to keep him in.”

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  1. Poor family. The man should never ever be released back into the general public. He’s a danger to the public! I feel for his family. I hope you win your case xx

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