Signs of the time in need of repairing says ex councillor

A FORMER councillor has called for urgent repairs to the distinctive road signs marking the Shaw and Crompton Parish boundary.

Erected in 1990, three years after the Parish Council was formed, most of the signs have fallen victim to time and the weather.

Several have been painted by Cllr Shaun Duffy but now Brian Karran – who served as a councillor for more than two decades – says more needs to be done.

“The rust is getting longer and deeper,” Mr Karran told the Parish Council’s October meeting.

“It must be two or more years since someone told me they were going to be refurbished. I think two have been painted.

“But It’s not very welcoming. They look a mess. I am sure I am not the only one who drives past them and thinks ‘where have I come?’

“They are cast iron and in a right state now. They are going to need a good course of preparation before anything is done.

“You are looking at dismantling them, sand blasting them, treating them and putting them back up again.”

There are thought to be half a dozen signs including at Grains Bar, Shaw Edge, High Crompton and Cowlishaw.

“All I am saying is what’s happening? added Mr Karran.

“Get your act together and let’s have some sense. Maybe invest a little bit of your money?”

Cllr Howard Sykes responded: “My view would be to instruct the clerk to get some quotes and get some money to do it.

“But if someone stops that and interferes and wants to do something else it will stop again.”

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  1. Save some money and do away with the Parish Council, and reduce the council tax. Just a load of hot air.

  2. Signage. Are you serious. Firstly may I suggest that the parish council should be binned, what do they do for us.
    No swimming pool. A Doctors that was temporary about 40 yrs ago. Not one restaurant or Wine bar to visit. But look at Royton. New pool. New Doctors. Lovely Restaurants. Wine bars.
    So come on someone explain to me WHAT are we getting for our extra council tax .????

  3. Pretty sure the restaurants on Market Street would disagree with you. You’ve got a health centre, just want a better one. Two wine bars coming, one opposite Shae Wake, and Old Yorkshire Bank.
    Won’t get a swimming pool as Labour decided to put it in Royton despite Shaw being better location with loads more quality parking and the tram, and being told by OCL it was preferred option, Royton are paying the price now with nowhere to park and residents are up in arms about it. They were promised a revitalised town centre and ended up with a Lidl??.
    At least our councillors fight for us but have to fight tooth and nail for everything,

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