Tree-mendous! New oak takes root

SHAW’s town centre skyline has a new addition thanks to the efforts of local councillors.


Mighty Oak Dave Bibby digs hole

Members of Shaw and Crompton Parish Council agreed to fund the

planting of an oak tree at Cheetham Hill, off Crompton Way.

It replaces a diseased Ash tree that had to be felled last year.

Adam Holt from Groundwork Oldham and Rochdale told the Correspondent: “The new tree is about 10-12 years old. But everything being equal it could last for 500!”

Councillor Dave Bibby put his back into digging a hole for the tree that cost £517.20.


Mighty Oak in Shaw

Groundwork are also responsible for tidying up the Cheetham Hill site and are due to remove the large amounts of litter dropped there by inconsiderate passers-by.

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  1. “thanks to the efforts of Shaw Councillors” and the hard work of it’s citizens who work to earn money for the glory hunters to pay for their follies, why when there was a consultation on changing the name was there not a consulation on abolishing the parish council? We live in a town with no fitness facilities and an ageing health centre, but it’s ok the Parish council must be doing a good job because we have a huge over priced lump of rock and a very expensive oak tree.

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