Woof justice! Moor Order clause is barking mad say campaigners

A RAFT of measures to control anti-social behaviour at a local beauty spot could come into force next month.

A final consultation has taken place on the proposed Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for Crompton Moor.

A provisional date of December 1, 2017 has been set for the PSPO to be implemented.

The order will make it an offence to take alcohol, air guns, nitrous oxide containers, light fires, camp, hunt animals or birds and use ‘mechanically propelled vehicles’ in a designated area of the Moor.

Dog walkers are also being targeted. Anyone walking more than three dogs or anyone failing to ‘scoop the poop’ will also be liable for a fine.

A third canine related item says dogs must be kept on a lead in the restricted areas at all times between March 1 and July 31.

However, this has led to ill feeling between some dog owners and Friends of Crompton Moor who want the clause removed from the final Order.

The group say: “To our knowledge, and we’ve been around since 2009, there have been no reported incidents regarding dogs disturbing wildlife during the breeding season.

“If dogs are to be permanently on a lead for five months of the year, there will be adverse consequences to the dogs’ welfare.

“Dogs need to run and have a certain amount of freedom, and they need to socialise. There is a strong possibility of changes to the dogs’ behaviour, and their health.

“It is the regular dog walking community who protect Crompton Moor. They keep the area free of litter, report vandalism and crime, and help make Crompton Moor a safe place for all users, which includes the wildlife.

“If driven away by this restriction it will leave Crompton Moor wide open to vandalism and crime.

“The requirements and prohibitions of a PSPO need to be reasonable.

“The birds do need protection, but a balance needs to be achieved, and we believe this should be done by education, notices and signage, and not by keeping dogs on a lead for five months of the year.

“So, unless OMBC can provide alternative land, available for dogs to exercise without restrictions; item 3 needs to be removed.”

A spokesperson for Oldham Council said: ”The consultation period has now ended and we are in the process of collating any comments from members of the public.

“These will then form part of a final report which will be prepared over the coming weeks.

“In the event of any significant objections being received, it may be necessary for the proposed Order to be taken to the TRO Panel for further discussion and a final decision to be made.”

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