Back in business: High Crompton shop re-opens five months after ram raid heartbreak

A FAMILY business has re-opened in High Crompton five months after a “gut wrenching” attack by ram raiders.

And customers are delighted to see the Londis shop and Post Office on Thornham Road back serving the community once more.

The forced closure of the premises happened on December 17 following the raiders’ early morning attack. The doors re-opened on Friday, May 10.

“I never doubted we would open again,” said Peter Roscilli who runs the business with sisters Louise and Diane plus brother-in-law John Lawton.

“The refurbishment took longer than we thought. I imagined we might only be closed for two or three months.

“But we were never going to give up. I never doubted we would open again; it was only a question of when.

“We put our heart and soul into this business so when the shop was attacked it was gut wrenching.

“My sisters were in tears when they saw the damage,” added Peter, who took over as village postmaster from his dad George.

“But we are all happy with how it looks now and we are glad to be back serving our customers once more.”

The store, which employs two full-time and three part-time staff, has been Roscilli hands for almost a quarter of a century.

“It’s has been great to serve the community all this time,” added Peter.

“Many of the customers have seen us grow up from a young age and they have been impressed with how we have progressed the business.”

The finishing touches to the renovation project were being completed as the shop re-opened. Work already done included new shelving, new refrigeration, new ceiling and lighting plus increased stock lines.

Posting on Facebook, the owners added: “We have an outstanding customer base, this community asset would be nothing without you.

“We know some of our customers have really struggled over the last five months and it’s been gut wrenching to be unable to help them.

“It’ll take some time to rebuild our business but with our more than capable staff, 110 per cent effort and the backing of our wonderful customers… that shouldn’t be a problem.”

Customers also took to social media with messages of support and congratulations.
Jo Midge posted: “Yay – missed this little shop.”

Greg Pickering wrote: The five months we have been without our beloved post office and convenience store has proved to me how essential you guys are to our community.”

Kathryn Whitaker added: “Certainly have missed you guys.”

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